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Geology of Wine with Steve Bergman series

Geology of Wine with Steve Bergman series

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The Geology of Wine, Part 3 -
Up, Up and Away to Mendoza & Salta, Argentina
23 March 2024 4-5:30pm
By Steve Bergman & Liz Ophoven

  •   among the world’s highest wine vineyards, many over 10,000 feet above sea level.  
  •   located in the Andean foreland basin foothills on the South American Plate above the east-subducting, flat-slab portion of the Nazca Plate. 
  •   product of marine sedimentation, subduction, orogeny, rifting, volcanism, climate, erosion, and terrain.

    Terroir links Taste with Place 

    Terroir is the

     …sum of everything that affects grape vines as they grow;

     …influence of climate, soil, cultivar and viticultural practices on wine;

     …result of collective knowledge of the interactions between the environment and vines mediated through human action, providing distinctive characteristics to the final product, wine. [OIV, 2010]

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