The Mighty Truffle Gift Box - Pre-order Now!

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Gift box of ten truffles!

"Treat yourself and your chocolate lover friends and family to a deluxe box of hand-crafted Mighty Truffle truffles for holiday festivities this year, available only through Wine Shop Vashon!

The mixed gift box will contain 10 dense, intense velvety chocolate truffles, each with their own distinct character and flavor profiles. Perfect for a wine and chocolate gift-pairing recommendation.

Mixed box flavors will range from bright raspberry ( made with powdered organic raspberries) to black currant ( made with NW powdered organic currants) to matcha green /peppermint, to magnolia, blood orange and sweet basil, to fresh roasted pecan with bourbon, and smoked alder salt (pecans fresh from roasters at Minglement on Vashon!), to gingerbread spice (perfect as an absolutely treat paired with a pink or white bubbly).” 

Pre-orders only please.


The Mighty Truffle

Creative confections made by hand, with a passion for enchanting flavors, vibrant health, premium quality ingredients, and relentless fair trade sourcing efforts. 

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