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Contra Soarda 2019 Veneto Rosso IGT Musso

Contra Soarda 2019 Veneto Rosso IGT Musso

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Contrà Soarda | Musso Roccia 2017 | Veneto Rosso IGT

Country of origin: Italy

Region: Veneto

Domain: Contrà Soarda

Type of wine: Veneto Rosso IGT

Classification: I.G.T.

Grapes:  different varieties, can change year by year. 2017 Marzemino Nero, Pinot Nero & Carmenère

Vintage: 2017

Biological: Bio certified


Vines are planted according to the “Ritocchino” training method, plants follow the hill slope, east-west exposure, 220x80 between rows, in number of nearly 5000 grapevines per Ha. Yield is nearly 1/1,5 kg per plant.

The soil is volcanic, very rich in minerals and salts, permeable, where vine roots can penetrate downward and find balanced moisture exchange.

Grapes are hand picked, when concentration of sugars and acidity reach the established levels, nearly at the end of September and at the beginning of October. They are put accurately in small crates and the grapes are partially pressed and de-stemmed in the same day, and partially only de-stemmed and fermented with the whole berry.


Grapes are picked up manually and immediately passed through a crusher and de-stemmer and passed into small tanks. Alcoholic fermentation starts with selected indigenous yeasts and lasts for 15/20 days with skins contact and temperature around 24/28°c. Techniques and automated fulling frequencies are chosen depending on the characteristics of the grapes. The malolactic fermentation takes place in steel and barriques and is naturally achieved through temperature control.

Depending on the vintage and on the grapes characteristics Contra Soarda decide which kind of tanks to use for fermentation (mainly wood and steel).

Depending on the vintage and on the wine refining could be done in French oak barrels and barriques, with different origins and characteristics (tonelleria, wood, seasoning, roasting and porosity of the wood) or simply in steel.

Bottled without filtering, this wine has an ageing projection that goes from 3 to 10 years.

Appearance: Deep ruby color.

Nose: Clean nose Medium intensity, developed with more ageing potential. Notes of black fruits like blackberry & blackcurrant, sultana & red cherry, faint notes of smoke.

Palate: Dry with medium- acidity & alcohol, medium body with medium+. Primary aroma's are similar as those you will find in the nose, with medium+ finish.

Alcohol: 13,5 %

Ratings: N/A

Foodpairing: aperitif, ethnic and white meat, fat fish

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