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Felsner Pinot Laurent Rohrendorfer Thalland Sankt Laurent

Felsner Pinot Laurent Rohrendorfer Thalland Sankt Laurent

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Tasting Notes

Black raspberry, pepper and honey, a smooth, dry and lightly acidic red wine from Austria. 

Pairs well with Pork, Poultry, Mushrooms and Cured Meat. 

Single Vineyard - Hand Harvested


The high quality St. Laurent variety belongs to the Pinot family, and the synonym Pinot St. Laurent suggests a pinot seedling. In the course of a more quality orientated thinking in recent years, the variety has experienced a revival in all wine-producing regions.

olyvine rated this wine:

Blackberry on the nose, subtle yet well formed. At 12.5 incredibly joyous, opening up the bouquet which gives hints of nectarines and green pepper. Gorgeous oily texture, lazily climbing down the wall into a mature color. Mineralic taste upon your first mouthful, kindly melting with Glühwein aftertaste which almost reminds of salty caramel and honey

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