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Nomen Malbec

Nomen Malbec

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Tasting Notes

"This Malbec from Washington State is a no-fuss, big and juicy red. It has good tannins to hold up to all that protein, but the dark, blackberry fruit will not be lost on your palate due to some nice acidity. Buy a case of this to have on hand for a casual Netflix and chill or a pizza night." -Keith Beavers, Vinepair

All Nomen wines are environmentally friendly wines packaged in unique PET plastic  bottles. A PET bottle is 90% lighter than a glass bottle, 100% recyclable, and accounts for 77% less greenhouse gas emissions than a glass bottle. Plus they are lightweight, shatterproof, and can be recycled in your curbside bin.

Dry, Gluten-free, Vegan, Sustainably Farmed

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