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Villa Brici Ribolla Gialla

Villa Brici Ribolla Gialla

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"Villa Brici Ribolla Gialla" is a remarkable white wine that originates from a place where tradition meets innovation. This wine, featuring the Ribolla Gialla grape, boasts a bright and refreshing character that captivates the senses.

In appearance, it exhibits a pale, straw-yellow hue that hints at its lively and invigorating nature. The aroma is equally enchanting, offering a bouquet of citrus and green apple, with hints of fresh herbs and a subtle mineral undertone.

Upon tasting, Villa Brici Ribolla Gialla unveils its exquisite flavor profile, marked by vibrant acidity and a medley of zesty citrus fruits. It's a wine that exudes a sense of place, with a crisp and clean finish that reflects the unique terroir it hails from.

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